Under 10 Reds do it again to down the Bombers


Suns 6-6-42 Bombers 4-5-29

Balgowlah Oval was absolutely buzzing today, with home games aplenty including the intense under 8 derby to kick it all off. As a result, parking spots were at a premium as fans flocked to the ground to see some inspired football of all ages.

By noon, it was the turn of the under 10 reds, who on the back of 7 (maybe 8) straight victories, and a combined scoreline of something like 680-70 were desperate for some competition.

The Bombers turned up, and surely they could lift to give the boys a game?

And lift they did as the Suns went a goal down for the first time of the season. PANIC!!! Not at all, that was just the parents, as Noah cooly snapped 2 fantastic goals to make it 12-6 at quarter time.

It’s worth noting that the weather was playing havoc, with a swirling wind making one end far easier to play to. The Suns belied that in the second quarter however, with Eli kicking 2 great goals, including one absolutely humungous bomb (he’s not called ‘The Hammer’ for nothing). The Bombers were tidy and spirited, with some good players in the midfield in particular.

The Suns were looking good too, with Marcus showing some great strength in defence and midfield. Two behinds made the score a relatively comfortable 26-12 at the long break.

We were with the wind in the third quarter, surely this was the time to streak away? It wasn’t quite that, as the Bombers got a goal, then Henry replied, before three Suns behinds and an Archie goal made it 40-19 after 3/4 time. Sue was biting her nails at this point, thinking there was only a goal in it (too much red wine flowing in ‘the heights’ last night, clearly).

The final quarter was upon us and the Bombers had the wind (and were loaned Max and Fin (wassup there Coach?). They had plenty of chances to really make it a nail biter but kicked 4 behinds from great positions, before finally scoring a goal, but it was all too late.

The Suns replied with a single behind in the quarter, and the horn went for a slightly ‘squeaky bottom time’ 42-29 victory.

Great to see the boys in a much closer game, and handle the pressure with aplomb. Onward!



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