After another nice break during the season we were back at home playing against the joint venture team North Ryde/St.Ives (NRSI) who were sitting last on the ladder with no wins.

They forfeited their last game, so we made a call to them Friday offering players to ensure we had a game on for the weekend but after grabbing a few of their U12 girls they were able to make it an official game without our help. However, once they took the field, they were still one short from the 15 needed to make a full list, so at the last minute we gave them one of our players which reduced our bench to just two and enabled all of our girls to get the most time on the field as possible.

There was a good breeze coming from the city direction, blowing north, but in the first quarter we were kicking against it. We started off well and got the ball from the centre, which allowed for Maddy to kick an early goal. For a period after that we were defending strongly for the most part with Izzy.P and Mischa combining well on the half backline and stopping many attacks. We started to take control in the backend of the quarter with our newly found full forward Audrey kicking two goals in quick succession. At quarter time the scores were Suns 3.1.19 v NRSI 0.0.0.

With the wind in our direction in the 2nd I was hoping to get a good lead. Ava kicked a nice goal in the first few minutes, but then we struggled to convert for a time after that. Captain for the day Caoimhe, was playing well in the centre along with Milly. Caoimhe was determined to impress with a brilliant run from the center with the ball tucked under the arm breaking the first tackle, taking the perfect bounce, evading the 2nd tackle, breaking through a third, making an awkward 2nd bounce and then kicking for goal only to see a point recorded against her name after a brilliant solo effort. At training during the week we concentrated on ‘shepherding’ and it was impressive to see the girls putting this into practice. There was noticeable improvement during this quarter in that part of their game. Unfortunately we didn’t take advantage of the strong wind and the half time scores were Suns 4.4.28 v NRSI 0.0.0.

In the 3rd quarter Mischa and Nina were defending well again along the half back line. Ella, Issy.P and Milly were collecting many possessions in the midfield. From halfway through the quarter we started getting consistent goals one after the other. Firstly, by Caoimhe, then Audrey kicked her 3rd and Ava her 2nd, followed by Zali from the centre. We had another awesome quarter against the wind with the Suns finishing 8.9.57 v NRSI 0.0.0.

In the last I put a few of the regular backline players up forward. We kicked 2 early points to give us a 10 goal lead, so we pulled 2 players off to allow NRSI to have more players on the field and give them the chance to get into the game. They were more competitive, but the backline girls playing up forward were keen to show their skills. Eliza kicked 2 goals while Olivia.S kicked 1. The final scores were Suns 11.13.79 v NRSI 0.0.0.

It was a great game by the Suns girls where they showed a lot of skill and smart football, looking for each other with their kicking and hand passing. In all of their games now they are talking and shepherding so much more and are showing aggressivion at the ball which is what we want. After winning 6 games now they know all the words to the club song rendition and are singing it so much enthusiasm.

This awesome win puts us back on top of the ladder with a better percentage than Forrest Lions Yellow who have only lost one game which was to us by four points!

Best Players: Izzy.P, Mischa, Maddy, Caoimhe, Zali, Audrey
Goals: Audrey (3), Ava (2), Eliza (2), Maddy, Caoimhe, Zali, Olivia.S

Over the next 2 weeks we come up against our two toughest rivals, East Sydney Bulldogs (at Home) and then Forrest Lions Yellow (Away) before we have another two week break, followed by the last four games of the year before we head into finals.

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