Wild cats tamed (in the end) in an arm wrestle at the home of AFL


With the gala day looming, the Suns looked to continue their winning streak (13/13 this season) and good form.

The Cats arrived from Willoughby willing (sorry) and able, and had the audacity to take the lead, a position the boys haven’t found themselves in very much this season.

Parents trembled, the enormous crowd inhaled a deep breath – ok, neither of those things happened at all.

Back to the game, Willoughby were the better side, but (important for later) they were with the wind in that first quarter, which was to prove to be an important factor as the game unfolded. 0-6 at quarter time, our first non scoring quarter of the season!

Hipster coach felt the boys were a little off the pace, which was probably fair, so the message was loud and clear for quarter two – go in hard, support your team mates and trust your skillz (that’s for the kids that one).

The Suns dominated, with the wind no doubt a factor – Eli kicked both goals, one an absolute bomb from a long way out that seemed to keep on rising as it sailed through the posts #thehammer. The willing Willoughby (could maybe get away with one more those) stayed in the contest with a behind as we went to the long break 13-7 in front.

The Cats had the wind in the 3rd quarter so needed to make use of it, and despite endless pressure and inside 50’s (5 in the quarter) they simply couldn’t convert to goals, with some herculean defence from the boys, including a couple of body on the line smothers from Liam and Eli. The Cats kicked a point, as did the Suns and it was 14-7 at the end of the quarter.

One final push needed, and the advantage of the wind – surely the Suns had enough in the tank, and you felt that the first goal would decide the match. After some strong work from Max in the centre, Archie kicked a goal for 20-7. Then Noah kicked two more for his 23rd and 24th of the season as the scoreline made it look comfortable at 32-7. Noah kicked a behind as the game finished 33-7, but the boys knew they’d been in a game, and a good one at that. Well played willing Willoughby (there it was).

Final game of the regular season next week – the Mosman Swans coming to Balgowlah on Sunday.


Home of AFL

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