Goodness, that wind! It felt almost arctic like at Frank Grey Oval this morning, as the boys stepped out to repeat last years gala success. The parents knew it was cold when they saw that Hattie was in a jumper, and many were rightly rugged up on the sidelines.

Before we get to the game, I’m delighted to say that’s the first time (in about 5-6) that I’ve driven to the correct street to arrive there, so what could possible go wrong after that? Thankfully, not much.

A word also to Max Jans, who was playing his 50th game for the Suns, congrats! Loved the banner.

Alex and AV had the boys warming up for a good 45 minutes before game 1, as the 16 minute games are rapid and you need to be on from the first bounce (ok, ok I know it’s not a bounce at this age – when does that happen incidentally? Answers to’ letters to the editor’ please). This intensive prep worked incredibly as the boys certainly came out of the traps.

GAME ONE – v Bombers
Bam, bam, Bam – three goals (into the wind!) in the first 4 minutes from Max and 2 from Noah put the game out of reach in a flash. The Reds were dominant in the midfield, with Hamish particularly sprightly. Finlay and Marcus excellent in defence when needed. 18-0 at HT. Noah kicked his 3rd plus there was a behind as the Suns raced to a 25-0 win.

Suns 4.1.25 Bombers 0.0.0

GAME TWO – v Swans
A wholly different affair here. We were kicking with the wind, and you felt it needed a two goal lead, but it didn’t come as we scored a solitary goal to lead 6-1 at the break. The Swans were playing well and were quickly back in the game with 2 behinds then a goal, to lead 8-6. The ball was barely in the Swans half as the wind played havoc – so tough on a big field. With seconds on the clock, it looked like we were going to slip to defeat, but then Eli picked up a loose ball on the right, stepped past a player, bounce, hit the HAMMER into the goal square where the king poacher Noah picked the ball up on the bounce and scooped a delightful goal, almost over his left shoulder with 5 (FIVE) seconds to go – 12-8! Wonderful scenes as the klaxon sounded moments later. Credit to the Swans – they played really well, but outstanding spirit from the Suns.

Suns 2.0.12 Swans 1.2.8

With parents and players catching their breath, suddenly game three was starting! Thankfully an early goal eased the nerves (Eli) and then another from Noah extended the lead. I can’t really remember this game, think I was still recovering from game 2 – sorry! Anyway, the boys won 15-0 and were solid across the park.

Suns 2.3.15 Swans 1.2.8

GAME FOUR – v Bombers II
Once again we were kicking into the wind, but couldn’t quite get the goals as we went into HT 3-0 ahead – catchable! But once again, the boys defied the wind and kicked the first goal of the half with some awesome work in the centre from Liam, Archie then Hamish (who had a sparkling day), setting Eli free – HAAAAAAAAAMMMEEEEERRR!! 9-0.The Bombers got a behind and it finished 9-1.

Suns 1.3.9 Bombers 0.1.0

Played 4, won 4.
For 61, Against 9.
Very solid indeed (in very tough condition), all across the park – onward to the finals next week! Let’s hope the wind eases and we can see some great footy.


Frank Grey wind tunnel

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